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ProGender-Press Release The new ProGender website is available to the public (1/6/2021)

Press Release

The new ProGender website is available to the public

Athens June 1, 2021

As of today, the website of the project “ProGender: A Digital Hub on Gender, the Covid-19 Crisis and The Aftermath”, whose Implementing Entity is the Centre for Gender Studies of Panteion University of Social and Political Sciences, is available to the public.

In the ACTIVITIES section all the videos of the online events are available:

  • The lecture «Chaos ruined the children’s sleep, diet and behavior: Gendered discourses on family life in pandemic», 15-2-2021
  • The discussion panel «How essential is health and care work during COVID-19? A discussion on Gender, Care and Labour», 1-3-2021
  • The lecture «Exacerbating an already dangerous problem: Gender-based violence in COVID times», 16-3-2021
  • The discussion panel «Gender-based violence during COVID-19: Challenges and Responses», 29-3-2021
  • The discussion panel «Η διασφάλιση της υγείας των εργαζομένων: Υγεία, γυναίκες, εργασία στην πανδημία», 5-4-2021
  • The lecture «Women scientists during the pandemic», 12-4-2021
  • The discussion panel «The impact of Covid-19 on women scientists», 26-4-2021
  • The lecture «Immigration to Norway: History, gender and the present», 10-5-2021

In the LIBRARY section are published the Press Releases with the main points of the online events per theme

  • Gender, care and labour, 9-3-2021
  • Gender- based violence, 7-4-2021
  • Women and gender in science, 18-5-2021

Also in the same section has been published literature on Gender-based violence from international organizations (ILO, EIGE, UN women, UNFRA, UNODC, WHO) that have studied the association of gender-based violence with the coronavirus.

In the ABOUT and PARTNERS section you will find information about the project, the Implementing Entity, the Partners of ProGender and the Funding.

In the THEMES section each thematic section is presented:

  1. Gender, Care and labour,
  2. Gender-based violence,
  3. Women and Gender in Science,
  4. Gender and Communities,
  5. Women in Governance

In the EVENTS section and specifically in the subsections “Online Guest Lectures” and “Online Policy Discussion Panels” the posters and the details of the events so far are presented and the next events will be posted.

For the implementation of ProGender project the Centre for Gender Studies of Panteion University cooperates with the RIKK- Institute for Gender, Equality and Difference of the University of Iceland, the Center for Gender Research of Norwegian University of Science and Technology (NTNU), the AMKE Research and Education Collective (REC) and the Social Cooperative Enterprise KOINSEP “STIN PRIZA”, which is the creator of the website.


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You can download the press release.

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